Six weeks summer training 4th semester degree diploma Mtech

  • SIx Weeks Training Fees Only Rs 3000 ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institute
  1.      Embedded System– Rs 3000 for 8051/avr/pic
  2.      ARM Proccesor ARM7 LPC2148 Rs 6000 for six weeks
  3.      VLSI– Rs 6000 for six weeks
  4.      PLC– Rs 3000 for six weeks
  5.      Java– rs 3000 for six weeks
  6.      Mechanical Projects and Training– Rs 3000/six weeks
  7.      Arduino Rs 1500/six weeks
  8.      Electrcial – PLC Automation– Rs 3000/ six weeks
  9.      Software Training of Electrical Rianas 3000/six weeks
  10.      Software Training in Electronics
  11.      Software Training in Mechanical

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